1. Protect and improve green spaces – We agree that parks and natural areas support both our physical and mental health, as well having many environmental benefits. Let’s ensure tomorrow’s families have ample greenspace for walking, exercise and being together.
  1. Ensure transportation is both effective and efficient – We recognize that dependable bus service is needed by seniors going to appointments, parents picking up their children from daycare, and residents arriving at work. Let’s ensure that transit is focused on value and dependability.
  1. Maintain basic core services – We agree that potholes make our roads hazardous, and adequate sidewalk snow clearing is needed for people to move safely. Let’s properly resource the police and prioritize core services.
  1. Promote thoughtful development – We have all heard that the most important consideration in real estate is location. Desired communities can be created when new homes are mindfully added to existing ones. Let’s develop harmoniously together.